Plants and it’s importance in our life

Source: Plants and it’s importance in our life

Modernisation and plants

Is modernisation is responsible for destroying the nature?

Plants and it’s importance in our life

If i ask a question: Can plants play a important role to save the biodiversity, nature and ofcourse our life? the answer must be yes.

As the industrialization increases the plants and forest are decreasing in number. Nowadays the jungle became concret jungle. Natural habitat of animals get destroyed so for all this who is responsible? People should think about the nature along with their benifits. 

We have already seen the impact of this, in the form of flood and chronic water problem in the several areas. People knows about the impact of cutting the trees still they are contineously covering the forest with concrete. 

It’s a duty of each and every person to plant a tree so that we can save the nature and be safe from natural disasters. 

The Government of Madhyapradesh             ( India) initiated a programme  for plantation in which about 6 crore trees will be planted. That is a good initiative of Govt. to save the nature. 

You all can comment and share your views about the imporance of trees.