Watch “Classification of Cephalosporins” on YouTube


Watch “Classification of Cephalosporins” on YouTube

Watch “classification of drugs” on YouTube

classification of drugs:

Watch “Classification of Anti Adrenergic drugs” on YouTube

Indian railways

I like the travelling by bus, train and other means but i enjoy the thrilling ride with my bike specially in rainy season. There is a lot of enjoyment when you ride with your friends. Long and lonly rides looks very tidious. Many of people enjoy to ride lonely but it depends on your nature.

Our railways play a important role in travelling. I want to share an incidance of  journey in general boggi. 

As i entered into a general boggi, there was many of people who were searching for the seat. The interesting fact is that, the passanger who had vacant seat besides them but they dont want to share it on any cost. Ultimatly they started to quarrel for that seat and at last the person got the seat there. Now they started conversation to each other and surprisingly became friends during that 4 hour journey. Both of them share their contact numbers and address. We cant imagine the person who quarreled a few minute ago, now become friends.  This one is a tradition of Indian people, that i like. 

But sometime the train is too much crowded to travell but short journey can be done. 

If you have faced such a intersting journey then please comment and share your experience.